3/11/09, Yamaha Wave Blaster, 1995, Ft Worth, Texas, $2,000, sold 4/13/09

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Yamaha Wave Blaster

Yamaha Wave Blaster

Yamaha Wave Blaster

1995 Yamaha Wave Blaster

  • Riva Edition Waveblaster Pro Model 2000
  • Engine size in cc's: 701cc
  • 2 stroke
  • Capacity: 1 person
  • Reverse? No
  • Trailer included? Yes
  • Title in hand.

    1995 Yamaha Riva Edition Waveblaster Pro Model 2000

    This ski is legendary. Look it up on wikipedia or google it. Go to youtube and type in Waveblaster, you'll see the exact same ski/set-up as mine and see guys jumping their ski 10' out of the water!!! It made me want one and it will do the same for you. Best ski I've ever ridden, it truely is a dirt bike on water. Shift your weight and it turns on a dime. Hit a wave and pull back on the dirt bike style bars and you can get the nose pointed straight up in the air. I love this ski but it has to go. I bought a new Harley and don't have the room for both. If I ever buy another ski this will be the one....if I can find one, they are getting tough to find. Don't go get a big 2 or 3 person ski, they're not even close to the ride of this one. What can you do on a 1200ZXI??? You can go fast in a straight line and do circles....that get's old really fast. This is the ski the pro's ride, just look online. I bought this from a Nascar Mechanic who was moving out of Nebraska and he bought it from the owner of the local Yamaha dealer. These do not have hour meters on them but I would guess when I got it 2 years ago it had less than 100 hours, was always and has always been kept indoors and covered and all maintenance kept up. Very few lakes in Nebraska and it's a very short season. I have maybe put 50 hours on it. New plugs, oil, filters and carb cleaned as needed. I put new Hydroturf on it last season and it will last forever, it's great stuff. Runs great, I just started it last weekend for a couple seconds and it fired right up. Has never failed me one time...ever. Body, paint is not perfect and I was planning on painting it this winter but never got around to it. Get it wet and it looks a lot better! Who cares what it looks like this thing runs and turns head, you will be heard across the lake...Sounds Mean! Now for all the goodies that I know of..You can have 2 life jackets, trailer, cover, anchor and whatever other stuff I find that goes with it. Title in hand and needs to go now. Email is the best way to reach me. Come get it so I have more room and can stop having buyers remorse about my Harley every time I walk by my ski sitting in the garage.

  • Riva Rideplate
  • Riva Exhaust
  • Riva Bars
  • Riva Intake Grate
  • Aftermarket Impeler (not sure of brand)
  • Riva Waterbox

    We sold the ski this weekend.
    Thank you!
    Ft Worth, Texas

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