Seadoo XP 1995 and Seadoo SP 1993, Lewisville, Texas, $2,395

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1995 Seadoo

1995 Seadoo

1995 Seadoo

1995 Seadoo

1995 Sea Doo XP, 1993 Sea Doo SP and double trailer with gear box.

Neither ski is running currrently.

This is what we would call a handyman's bargain.

Two skis and the trailer for $2395.

  • The XP is in running condition but needs fresh fuel, new battery and a carb clean out.
  • I feel confident that it will run at that point. It just got left to sit about two years ago.
  • The current owner isn't willing to invest money to sell.
  • So, this is a perfect opportunity to trade a little "know how" for some value.

    The SP was running two years ago and wouldn't start a couple of months ago.

  • The shade tree mechanic took advantage of my friend and didn't complete the job.
  • Looks to me like the starter solenoid/coil box had been opened and wires were disconnected.
  • If I had a wiring diagram, I would put it back together and start the troubleshooting over.
  • Again, no $$ invested toward selling. This is your shot to find a diagram, reconnect some wires and possibly have a serviceable unit.

    The trailer is nice with spare tire, bearing buddies, good tires and the gear box.

    The kit also comes with two Sea Doo covers that are in great shape

    Email Shayne at
    or call 469-939-2803

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