6/8/06, 2004 GTX Supercharged Limited, Houston, Texas, asking $8,000, sold 6/14/06

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2004 GTX Supercharged Limited

2004 Bombardier Sea Doo GTX Supercharged Limited

  • 9 hours
  • 185 horsepower supercharged 4 cycle engine
  • fully loaded 3 person watercraft.
  • This comes with everything you need - trailer, life vest, GPS, bumpers, anchor, emergency kit - you name it, it has it. This unit has been in garage since new purchase and has less than 10 hours on it.
  • Back injury forces sale
  • Length 130.4 in. (331 cm)
  • Width 48.1 in. (122 cm)
  • Height 44.1 in. (113 cm)
  • Weight (dry) 867 lbs. (393 Kg)
  • Rider Capacity 1, 2 or 3
  • Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve) 15.9 US gallons (60 L)
  • Oil Capacity 4.5 L (4.8 qt) dry engine
  • 3.0 L (3.2 qt) after first oil change
  • Storage Capacity 52.6 US gallons (199 L)


  • Type Supercharged Four-stroke, three-cylinder Rotax® SOHC
  • Bore x Stroke 100mm x 63.4mm
  • Displacement/hp 1494 cc / 185 hp
  • Compression ratio 8.1:1
  • Carburetion / Fuel injection Multi-port fuel injection
  • Lubrication Dry sump, pressure oil system
  • Cooling Closed-loop cooling system
  • Fuel type Regular unleaded

    Drive Unit

  • Propulsion system Bombardier Recreational Products Formula water jet pump
  • Jet pump Comp / alum, axial flow, single stage, large hub with 10-vane stator
  • Transmission Direct drive, forward / neutral / reverse
  • Impeller Stainless steel, 4-blade


  • Ignition Digital inductive
  • Starter Electric
  • Battery 12 volt


  • Type Modified-V, fiberglass reinforced
  • Color Twilight Blue


  • Speedometer (Analog) STD
  • Tachometer (Analog) STD
  • Fuel gauge (Info Center) STD
  • Information Center (17 functions) STD
  • D.E.S.S.TM STD
  • O.P.A.S.TM system STD
  • Sea-Doo Learning KeyTM STD
  • Mirrors STD
  • Reboarding step STD
  • Two-tone comfort hand grips STD
  • Two-tone reboarding deck pad STD
  • Limited package (std)
  • Integrated GPS by Garmin
  • Boat Cover
  • Two-tone cut & sew seat Cooler
  • Sandbag anchor Fairings
  • Mooring ropes Log book
  • Cell phone case Organizer
  • Removable dry bag Mooring cleats
  • Wrist lanyard D.E.S.S.TM key Adjustable steering
  • Depth gauge (Info Center) Under seat flush kit
  • Removable storage tray Safety kit

    Standard Features

  • Supercharged 1494 cc four-stroke, three-cylinder Rotax® SOHC with multi-port fuel injection Reliable performance in fresh or salt water, increased torque at low RPM, optimizes power at all RPM levels and throttle positions.
  • Carburetion / Fuel injection Better control of exhaust emission and power at all RPM range to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Sea-Doo Learning KeyTM Limits engine RPM & top speed for less experienced riders.
  • Chokeless starting Simple, user-friendly starting.
  • Water cooled exhaust pipe Regulates exhaust temperature.
  • Closed-loop cooling system Insures the proper operating temperature at all speeds and improves corrosion durability.
  • Watertight digital ignition Provides optimal energy for a consistent spark, ensuring maximum performance.
  • RPM limiter Protects engine from over-revving.
  • Warning device Warns operator of engine and exhaust overheating, engine management and system failure.
  • Handlebar-mounted start/stop button Single user-friendly engine starts and stops with one control button.
  • Tips Over Protection System (T.O.P.S.TM) Protects engine in case of turn over.

    Propulsion System

  • Bombardier Recreational Products Formula water jet pump Delivers matched performance with the Rotax® engine 4-TEC engine.
  • Composite stator vanes Handles the high-performance engine without erosion.
  • Replaceable urethane wear ring Provides long impeller life, less maintenance and maximum thrust.
  • Dual automatic vacuum siphon pumps Continuously remove water entering the engine compartment.
  • Large diameter drive shaft with crowned spline design Maintains engine and pump alignment at all operating speeds.
  • Stainless steel 4-blade impeller Delivers improved acceleration, higher top speed and less cavitation.

    Hull and Components

  • Modified-V design Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride in a variety of water conditions, and greater maneuverability.
  • Fiberglass-reinforced Strong, light and easy to maintain.
  • Sponsons For improved handling.
  • D-Sea-BelTM System Sound reduction system for a quieter ride.
  • Bumpers Help protect watercraft from damage while tied to a dock or another craft.
  • Bow and stern eyes. Designed for towing or securing the craft to a trailer or dock.
  • Temporary docking loops Provides access for quick tie-up.
  • Carpeted footwells and deck pads Offer extra comfort and non-skid surface.
  • Reboarding platform For easy and comfortable mounting of the craft in deep water.
  • Two-tone comfort hand grips Provides extreme hand comfort and great looks.
  • Floating safety lanyard Stops engine in manual and emergency situations.
  • Seat strap Aids in reboarding from water.
  • Grab handle For easy reboarding and as a passenger handhold.
  • Built-in reboarding step Grooved fold-down for easy reboarding.
  • Water / air separator Provides maximum airflow to engine and reduces water intrusion.
  • 3-up seat Comfortable room for three permits spotter for watersports.
  • Extra-large storage compartment(s) Abundant room for supplies on extended cruises.
  • Ski eye Improved for easy and secure attachment of ski rope.
  • Extended range fuel tank (15 US gal) Provides maximum cruising and exploring range.
  • Elevated fuel filler Easy access and prevents water intrusion while refueling.
  • Multifunction LCD Information Center Reports 17 key operating functions: Fuel Level, Low Fuel Level, Low Oil Pressure, Low Voltage, Tachometer, Overheat, Ambient Temperature, Distance, Hour Meter, Maintenance Info, Average Speed, Check Engine, Current Speed, Compass, Lake Temperature, Chronometer, Depth.
  • Analog speedometer and tachometer Informs operator of watercraft speed and RPM.
  • Dual drain plugs Screw type design with built-in retainer for easy removal and installation.
  • Adjustable mirrors Increases field of view.
  • Foam flotation Ride with security and peace of mind. Meets or exceeds USCG standards.
  • Operator's guide, instructional video and safety booklet Informs you of boating regulations, care, maintenance and operating features.

    Limited Package

  • Garmin GPS with maps and geogaphical coordinates.
  • Depth gauge Informs driver of water depth.
  • Boat cover Protects watercraft during trailering and storage.
  • Cell phone case Keeps your electronics safe and dry.
  • Removable dry bag Keeps contents dry and converts to backpack when removed.
  • Cut and sew seat Ergonomically designed for comfort and great looks.
  • Fairings Provide additional spray deflection and design enhancement.
  • Soft-sided cooler Perfect for transporting food and drink to your destination.
  • Mooring cleats Makes docking your craft a breeze.
  • Sandbag anchor Provides an easy way to hold your boat in one position.
  • Mooring ropes Easily ties your craft to dock.
  • Organizer Holds items securely under storage cover.
  • Wrist lanyard D.E.S.S.TM key Safety and security landyard bears the Limited insignia.
  • Log book Handy for navigational and service records.
  • Safety kit Provides aid if the need arises.
  • Removable storage tray Provides portable access to front storage items.
  • Under-seat exhaust cooling flush attachment Readily accessible and fits a common garden hose.

    Thank you David, this SeaDoo is now Sold!!

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