SCAM, 2000 SeaDoo GTX Millenium Edition, Staten Island, New York, $2,000

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2000 SeaDoo GTX

2000 SeaDoo GTX

2000 SeaDoo GTX

Read the Scam Warning pages so you won't fall for this!

  • Hours: 87 Horsepower: 130
  • 951cc
  • Capacity: 3 seater
  • no reverse
  • Trailer included
  • Sea Doo is in very nice condition with factory cover included

    I had a report that this ad is a scam, so I decided to investigat. I wrote this "Olga" and got a reply from "Daniel", who says the ski is in Lake Alfred, Florida, not Staten Island, New York. Very odd indeed. After a couple of emails where I pretended to want to buy it, this "Daniel" sent me this email.

    I'm proposing something and if you accept I will stop any discussion with the other people who are interested to buy the jet ski and I will hold it for you. Here is what we can do in order for things to go smoothly: -ask a friend of yours or a relative to make a transfer for 2000 CAD via MoneyGram on your name (your wife or best friend=sender and you= receiver) but in Miami (so that you can pick up the money in Miami when you come). -after you have arranged the transfer you will let me know and I will call MoneyGram to check the order. If they confirm everything is ok I'll wait for you to come to buy the jet ski. -so until you come to inspect the jet ski, the money will be deposited on your name at MoneyGram . -only after you have seen it and checked it very well you will go to a MoneyGram office and pick up the money and then pay me in cash. I don't want you to pay me any money in advance, it's NOT fair. After you inspect the jet ski and sign the contract you can go at MoneyGram office and pick up the money and pay me. I think is fair for me and for you. Let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Daniel Bertner, 997 Cypress Creek Boulevard, Lake Alfred, FL 33850

    Of course, his name isn't Daniel, and once you send the money he will make a fake ID IN YOUR NAME and go pick up the money, never to be seen again. Note he told me the ski is in Lake Alfred, Florida, yet he wants me to send the money to Miami. Chances are he is in or near Miami, or has a friend there to pick up the cash.

    Watch for these scams, there are variations so read my scam warning pages, but almost all variations end with asking you to wire your cash to them.

    Let's help this poor soul out, he has lost his way to happiness and needs to be reminded about something he forgot. Click on the email link below and send him a one line email that says:


    Email Olga at
    or call 718-980-0010

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