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Other books on Fords not specific to a model are listed below.

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Chilton Manuals

2004 Chilton Ford Service Manual by Chilton, Delmar Learning
Editorial Review
The newly configured 2004 edition Chilton Service Manuals meet the needs of automotive professionals like never before! The same, great mechanical service and repair information that technicians have come to rely on is now offered in a series of five manufacturer-based books, with updated coverage that reflects actual vehicle conditions found in the aftermarket, including rust, wear, and grime. Comprehensive, technically detailed content is supported by exploded-view illustrations, diagrams, and specification charts, all carefully organized by system and model for easy reference. Step-by-step procedures, from drive train to chassis and related components, help yield fast, accurate repairs. 858 pages.

Chilton Ford Service Manual [MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION]
Other Ford books
OBD II Diagnostic Secrets Revealed by David Peter
Reviewer: Jose Castillo from Huxley, TX
Thanks for writing this book. These guys are funny and creative - even my wife liked it, well just the cooking chapter, haha. It helped me to understand all the theories behind OBDII among other interesting concepts. At first I thought this book was for fixin all parts of cars! After I read the book, I learned that OBDII is really about something else - the Engine and Fuel system. But thats great since I am a weekend warrior (I repair my car and the cars of my family, on the weekend). My wifes car had a check engine light on, so I got this book and it has helped me to choose the scan tool that is right for me, and plus not spend too much money. Once I got the tool, I checked her car, and BAM, the fault code was right there in the book. So this book saved me time and money.

Standard Catalog of Ford 1903-2003 (Standard Catalog of Ford, 3rd Ed) by John Gunnell
Reviewer: William Schlanger from Flagstaff, AZ
This book is a very well organized catalog of all FoMoCo vehicles (except truck based vehicles) from the company's early years to 2002 models. Each model is listed with a good description of options, engine choices, production numbers, historical notes, etc. Overall the book is informative and interesting. Having all this info in one place makes "Standard Catalog of Ford" a must for any Ford fan! Go buy it!

Ford Tuning Secrets Revealed by Ivan J. Kotzig
Reviewer: Mike Wesley from Holly, MI USA
Since I own a company that manufactures tuning hardware and software, I was curious to what this book was about.
After reading it, it does alot to help the reader understand what is involved in tuning the Ford PCM. It is not a "How-To" book but more of an in-depth guide on the process of tuning.
The book is full of colorful diagrams and picture that take the reader through each step in the tuning process. How the Ford EEC works, how chips work, how OBD-II scantools work and how the whole process is put together to tune a vehicle. The writing style is not dry like a technical manual, but well written and rather humorous at times.
I personally use the OBD-II code list in the book on a regular basis. The recipe section at the end is something unique.
If you want to know how the chip companies develop thier products, then this book is for you.

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